Julie Grundtvig Wester

Already as a young girl Julie Grundtvig Wester featured in her first film ‘Oskar & Josefine (2005)’. After that she played the main character Katrine in  the widely popular ‘Tempelriddernes Skat I’ (2006), ‘Tempelriddernes Skat II’ (2007) and “Tempelridderens Skat III (2008).
In ‘En forelskelse’ (2009) which received a Robert statue for the Best Short Film of the Year. In addition, Julie Grundtvig Wester played large roles in ‘Cecilie’ (2007), ‘Se min kjole’ (2009), directed by Hella Joof, and ‘Skyskraber’ (2011).
TV series she is featured in includes ‘Heartless’ (2014-2015) and ‘Bedrag’ by renowned DR (2016-2018).
Yet to be released is feature film ‘Robin’ (2017) written and directed by Antonio Tublén and the 3rd. season of ‘Bedrag’.
Julie is highly disciplined and has received praise for her achievements and performances. She has a natural freshness, intuition and charm.
This 26 year young beauty was born, raised and still resides in the legendary neighborhood of Christiania.
She is a passionate vegan, world traveller and sports fanatic.