Football ICON & Photographer
Edgar Davids

Having played in most of the worlds most prestigious clubs as Juventus, AC. Milan, Tottenham Hotspurs, Barcelona, Inter Milan & Ajax, it is safe to say that Edgar Davids is one of the biggest football stars through time. 

With his breathtaking football skills on the pitch and his distinctive look it was no surprise that he was chosen time and time again to feature in several of NIKEs legendary commercials as “The Mission” and “The Cage”. 

Although the football pitch is no longer his playground, Edgar can be found using it as a backdrop for his stunning photos. Edgar is a keen photographer, with an eye for detail & lighting which is second to none. Always traveling the world, his biggest passion is finding those magical moments which are perpetuated through the lens. 

Edgar is also the creative mind behind the brand, MONTA STREET, which is an offspring of the streets, as it represents the fashion and culture of the street. It addresses one of the world’s most popular lifestyles: street soccer and freestyle soccer.