Olympic Champion
Pernille Blume

Blume won her first individual medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, winning gold in the 50M Free with the time 24.07.
Pernille showed she’s got much more range than just 50 meters. The reigning 50m freestyle Olympic champion, who wasn’t even expected to win that race in Rio, posted a 52.69 in the 100m freestyle final FINA World Championships 2017 and won bronze.
In December 2017, the European Championship was held in Pernille’s hometown Copenhagen, and was both a professionally and personally, very special experience. She won 3 bronze and 1 silver medal and the reaction and support she received from the crowd was incredible.
Pernille is proud of being supported by several high level brands who all support her journey towards Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
Finding that extra time in her busy schedule, Pernille will be focussing on two charity organisations in 2019.
One being ‘Diabetesforeningen’ and the other ‘Børneulykkesfonden’ in corporation with Speedo ‘Som en fisk i vandet’ campaign to help children feel safe in the water.
Her beauty is hard to overlook and her smile is so contagious.
Watch out! This girl will conquer the world.