Multi Talent
Mille Gori

Catch me if you can!

Mille is always on the run, whether it be producing TV, doing rehearsals for a theater show, preparing for a live show, doing charity work or writing a book or two. Mille is a firecracker of a talent, possessing more talents than a chameleon can change colors. Mille is the main character in one of Denmark’s most famous children’s TV shows “Motor Mille”.

She is also one of the three judges on the TV-concept “The Greatest Dancer” airing for the first time in Denmark this season which has already proven to be a huge success in prime-time Friday evening TV.

As if this was not enough, Mille is also a professional dancer herself and stars in several theatrical musicals, such as “Tarzan” and ”Dancing with the Stars”.

The little free time she has left, she spends on charity work. Mille is an Ambassador for SOS Børnebyerne and WWF.