World Player of the Year
Mikkel Hansen

This gentleman has won the title as IHF, World Player of the Year not just once, twice, but three times.
First time in 2011, then 2015 and hat-trick in 2018.

With the Danish National handball team, he has secured the team the gold medal in the European Championship in 2012, the gold medal in Rio during the Olympic Games 2016 and the team just became World Champions in January 2019.

Mikkel Hansen lives in Paris, and is playing for Paris Saint-Germain.
A town that inspires him daily, as Mikkel thrives in interesting architecture, and is quite knowledgeable within art.
And that being a passion he likes to share, he’s one of the investors of the Artland app.

Another passion of Mikkel’s is his work with children and young people.
Via his organisation and project ‘MH24 – The Association against bullying’, he arranges camp and other events, to educate the participants in good sports behaviour. Both on and off court.

The idea is entirely Mikkel’s own and fortunately he not the only one fighting the problem. Along with The Mary Foundation, Crown Princess Mary and Mikkel Hansen has joined forces to bring an even stronger profile and awareness to the problem, and has together with Red Barnet and executive handball coaches developed a well-being program that is offered to clubs in Denmark.

What a gentleman !!