Helena Christensen

A brief presentation of this beautiful woman will require a verbal humility we cant presume.
Without comparison, her work as model, designer, photographer, entrepreneur and environmental activist is respected throughout the world.
Danish born to a Peruvian mother and Danish father, it was Helena’s passion for photography which was the catalyst for her modelling career. Having the unique position of being equally as comfortable being behind the lens as she is in-front, Helena Christensen is one of today’s generation of photographers deeply rooted with filmic sensitivities and has over the past years regularly worked with Vs, Vogue and RIKA and supported UNHCR as a Creative since 2014.
Another creative side of Helena, is her work with ‘strangelove nyc’, She works closely with Elizabeth Gaynes, founder & CEO, and has been instrumental in translating the scents of deadofnight, meltmyheart, silencethesea and lostinflowers.
In March 2018, Helena launched her work and collaboration with Camilla Stærk on staerkandchristensen.com
And who can forget Helena in Chris Isaaks video ‘Wicked Games’, directed by the late legendary Herb Ritts?
As said, we can’t keep it brief…..